The Nostalgia Bacon Express

I decided to try this Bacon Express because a FaceBook friend asked if I had used it to make a tortilla substitute for a taco.

I ordered from Amazon and put it to work. The instructions seemed fairly easy for this simple minded person.


While the first batch was cooking I thought best to read the full instructions. Whoops! I was supposed to preheat it first. There is a pre-heat setting on the control dial. It tells you it is ready after about 2 minutes with 10 audible beeps.

My first batch:

I laid the bacon is as instructed. Maybe my bacon was not regulation size. I did buy it at Restaurant Depot. It was a little too long for the cooking chamber. At 1:15 minutes some steam started coming out of the top. At 2:15 you could hear that wonderful bacon sizzle. 7:30 minutes it signaled it was done but didn’t like the way it looked  so I let it go two more minutes but then it was burning.

Looks great, right?

Batch two (preheated this time):

Turned the dial down a little for less crispy. Still cooked for about 7:30 minutes so I am guess it doesn’t shorten the cooking time but reduces the temperature. Still not good.


Batch 3:

The Bacon Express also has a setting for thick bacon. I didn’t want to waste my wonderful thick sliced bacon so I folded the thin bacon over and let it go.


The underside wasn’t bad but the top portion was still undercooked. Experimentation complete!

The drip pan was a nice feature but you need to empty it out after every batch. Make clean up of the grease easy. However, there are 4 pieces that have to be removed and cleaned. And be careful this thing gets hot!



The Bacon Express is a 1200 Watt device. I think purchasing the microwavable bacon and using a 800 Watt microwave is a little greener for the energy conscious people.

The slow cooking time and inconsistant cooking makes this product useless for me. I will donate it to Goodwill or take it for a gag gift to a Christmas party.

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