Mak’ N Bacon

Trying out the MAK ‘N BACON. Not much else to do on a Saturday and wanted to see if this device would be a quick and easy way to prepare bacon.

The MAk’ N BACON was very easy to set up. Being a man I didn’t read the instructions.

I loaded up the first run with some thin sliced bacon. I thought the racks need to be higher because the bacon was folding over in the bottom so I went over two racks to keep it from touching. Covered with a paper towel as instructed.

Set the microwave for three minutes but kept an eye on it. Added another 30 secs to make sure it was done.

This came out really nice and crispy. Frankly I was very impressed. Then on to the next batch. I forgot that the bacon would shrink so I didn’t really need to place the slices over two racks.


I loaded up a full rack with some thicker bacon. It was almost a full pound just one slice short of the entire package. Started with 4 minutes but had to keep adding 30 secs at a time. The pieces on the outside cooked whiled the pieces in the center were undercooked and had to be placed back in  for another minute. Maybe if I offset the MAK ‘N BACON on the carousel it would have worked better.


As you can see the bacon on the left was the thicker bacon and didn’t cook quite as well as the thinner bacon. The thin bacon was nice and crispy.

Clean up of the MAK ‘N BACON was really easy.  I was able to pour off the drippings without a spill.  Also came apart and back in the package for easy storage.

I will use this again! Better on thinner bacon but maybe with some more experimenting the thicker bacon would work.

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