Baconfest 2.0 was a success, but how can you fail when there is bacon involved? It was pot luck and the only rule was you had to bring a dish that included bacon. I personally cooked 8 pounds of bacon for the items I prepared.

My contributions included bacon wrapped pork loin, bacon-spinach-pecan-blueberry stuffed pork loin, bacon wrapped cilantro-pesto-goat cheese jalapeños, bacon wrapped chorizo stuffed jalapeños, bacon wrapped hot dogs, bacon balls (these won’t make baconfest 3.0)and last but not least the Maple-bacon-apple pie-cake.

Contributed items from like-minded friends:

Bacon donuts – OMG! These were great!

Bacon sushi – tasty

Bacon wrapped cream cheese filled jalapeños

Bacon wrapped water chestnuts

Bacon wrapped pears with Gouda cheese

Chocolate covered bacon – just wonderful

Bacon wrapped green beans


For those who think cholesterol is an issue….please read Lies My Doctor Told Me, by Dr. Ken Berry’s book, and Cholesterol Clarity by Jimmy Moore and Dr. Eric Westman.


The evening was capped by a game of “Crimes Against Humanity”. I haven’t laughed that hard in quite a while.


*Note….my friend now know never to look in the freezer.



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