Needed to contribute to a Christmas dinner at a friend’s house. I love cannolis but need to come up with a no sugar and no grains recipe. Looked up a few and melded them together to come up with these beauties.

I purchased some cannoli tubes and thought I bought them too small until I started cooking.

I wanted to make them larger but ran out of time to purchase before Christmas so I bought some mannacoti pasta and wrapped in aluminum foil. These really turned out to be too big.

I wrapped both thin and thick slices bacon around the tubes and baked for 35 minutes at 350o. The thicker bacon took a little longer. You have to wait until the tubes are cool enough to touch but if too cool the bacon won’t slide off.


The filling was 8oz of ricotta, 1/4 cup Serve and a teaspoon of vanilla. Just mix it all together. May be some lemon zest next time to freshen up a little.  I wanted to try a chocolate version so I made another batch skipped the vanilla and added progressive amounts of baking cocoa until I had a good chocolate flavor. About 2 tablespoons.

The filling was put into a decorating bag with a #12 tip and squeezed into the bacon wraps.

Mixing equal parts of baking cocoa and Serve I dusted the bacon cannolis. The chocolate drizzle was 85% cocoa melted with coconut oil. Best to keep cold after drizzling.

What is next? Not sure. Suggestions? May be bacon s’mores?


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