I have seen tons of bacon wrapped turkeys on FB but have never attempted one. I was 20171022103733_IMG_0418wondering how they kept the bacon on without using 350 toothpicks.  Not sure what others have done but I decided to go back to my meat glue.

So I spatchcocked a 11 pound turkey and dusted it with some of the meat glue I used a few weeks ago. Then I made a basket weave of bacon to cover the body and just spiral wrapped the wings and legs. The meat glue needs about 4 hours to set so I covered with plastic and and various items to the top to weigh it down and stashed in the refrigerator for 4 hours.




I threw it on the Traeger and smoked with some maple pellets at 350until I had an internal temperature of 165o.

This came out not only beautiful but very tasty! The side of brussel sprouts cooked in bacon fat, topped with parmesan cheese was perfect. Not really a traditional Thanksgiving dish but it should be.



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