Well the lab result are back and there were some surprises.

Here is the comparison:

Oct Nov
Chol 164 167
Trig 54 63
HDL 48 57
LDL 105 97
A1c 4.9 4.7
hsCRP 1.8 2.94
Insulin 6.8 11
Trig/HDL 1.1 1.1
HOMA-IR 1.6 2.6


For all that think there is a correlation between dietary fat and lipid results take a close look. After eating 2-3 pounds of bacon a day for 28 days my cholesterol only went up 3 points. My med tech friends will tell you that you can run the same specimen on the same analyzer and see a 3 point difference. This is nothing. Triglycerides were up 9 points. This surprised me a little. Not sure what to make of this but still a low result. The Trig/HDL ratio remained the same. This is probably the best predictor of CVD. You want it under 2.

Look at the HDL and LDL! HDL up 9 points and LDL down 8 points. Most doctors would have told you the opposite would happen.

Want to reduce your A1c? Eat bacon for 28 days! Down 0.2% points.

I am surprised also that the fasting insulin was up. My guess is that the large amount of protein I was eating was being converted to glucose through Gluconeogenesis (GNG). My periodic glucose test were never below 90.

Does bacon increase inflammation? Well by the result of this n=1 it appears so. There could be numerous reasons my hsCRP was up. I felt a cold coming on, my bad ankle was swelling from walking….Still within the normal range.

HOMA-IR is the Homeostatic model assessment for Insulin Resistance and it is a method for assessing beta-cell function. Normal ranges are 1.7 -2.0. I will try and check this again in a few months.

I did try to order these lab tests through my primary care physician and they were denied. Maybe he/she didn’t know what to do with the results. I was able to order myself through requestatest.com.

Over all things went well. I was able to stay creative enough to still enjoy bacon even after the 28 days. In fact after the 28 days were up I still had bacon 5 of the next 7 days.

I only set the smoke detector off once, burnt one batch of bacon and only one burn on my hand reaching into the oven. For those of you that are concerned it healed just yesterday.

If I find usual bacon recipes or products I will continue to post on this site.




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