I had picked up this big slab of bacon last week. 7.5 pounds! Caught my eye because it said it was double smoked. Not sure what that means but we will see.

Cut off three two inch slices. They came in around 20 oz each. Since they were “double smoked” I decided to leave two of the pieces alone but couldn’t resist smothering one with some sriracha. Then they were thrown on the Traeger for about 50 minutes at 375oF.


I know they look great! After cooking they weighed about 11 oz. each. The last slab of bacon I purchased the rind was inedible. This, however, was nice and crunchy just like a fried pork rind.

Not sure what the double smoking was all about. I couldn’t taste any smoke on the piece I tried. The sriracha coated bacon had just the right twang.

Now….when you cook a lot of bacon you end up with a ton of bacon grease. I have so much there is no way I would be able to use it all. Somewhere in the past I saw something somewhere on bacon candles. They were probably real candles (with wax) with a bacon scent but can you make candles out of bacon grease?


You can! I was a little worried that I would have a grease fire but they were lit for 30 minutes with no issues. What do they smell like? Not bacon! Nothing really. Of course may place has so much bacon cooked in it I may be desensitized.



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