Pot of coffee…..and later in the day started to the education on beef bacon. I have never had beef bacon before so something new on the agenda. This is a big 5 pounds pack so there will be lot to cook over the next few days.

As you can see the pieces are much wider, some good fat and really meaty. Each slice averaged 1.25 oz. Decided to cook three different ways.

1.) Traditional cast iron pan. 2.) On parchment paper  3.) On a raised grid

The cooked weight averaged 0.55 oz.20171102174650_IMG_0566

Each cooking method came out roughly the same. If I mixed them all together you wouldn’t know which pieces was cooked by what method.

Beef Bacon is definitely different than pork bacon. Not quite as salty and couldn’t cook it as crispy. And no, it doesn’t taste like chicken. Beefy yes,  but just didn’t give me the satisfaction of a good pork bacon. Maybe if it was hickory smoked.

Cooking in the cast iron skillet was much messier. The grease splatter was over twice as much as pork bacon. Maybe the meaty portion have more moisture that pops in the high heat of the fat.  I have a lot of this left so I will throw some on the Traeger tomorrow.

Ate about 19 pieces throughout the day. So a total of 10.5 oz of bacon today.



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