The included breakfast at Fairfield Inns usually has bacon. Not the best bacon. MustMicrotome be cut by a microtome. It is about 4 microns thin. So what is a microtome? It is a device used in histology labs to cut very thin sections of tissue for preparing microscope slide. Haven’t used one in about 35 years. They haven’t changed much.

Back to the hotel bacon. Thin, not very tasty but lots of it. I am now over my fear of eating two plates of just bacon in front of other people. “Do the uncomfortable until it becomes comfortable” -Unkown

Four cups of hotel coffee and off to my first account. Was able to pick the brain of a researcher on the Red Cell Life (RCL) of a trait level hemoglobin S patient. Nobody  seems to know. Not even Dr. Google.

20171031173758_IMG_0558On with a full day and stopped at another grocery store and spotted this “Mega Pack”. Now that sounds interesting. “10 Full Servings”. Wow! Wait 28-32 pieces. That is about three slices per serving. Are they serious? Who eats just three pieces of bacon? Bacon is more like potato chips.

No microwave in my hotel room. Maybe there was one downstairs in the lobby but that would be too easy. I filled the sink up with the hottest water possible and let the bag of bacon come up to temp. Worked! I didn’t count the number of slices to verify the accuracy of the packaging.  Not a bad evening. Bacon and baseball. And the cigar in the parking lot.




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