Up early to start a day of sightseeing in NYC. Usual pot of coffee to take on the road. 20171026182208_IMG_0452Munched on some of the Oberto’s Bacon Jerky on the way down to the city. This makes the trip so much easier.



Lunch was enjoyed with a view of the Hudson River.  The slab of Jerk Bacon I grilled on the Traeger yesterday with a little bit of sriracha hit the spot.

20171029121231_IMG_0477-001I was meeting some friends that were in town from Missouri. we had a wonderful dinner at a fine restaurant. No bacon! I think this is my last social engagement so I will be able to stick to the bacon only the rest of the experiment. Still well over a pound of bacon today.

Looking forward to trying the beef bacon I picked up. Stay tuned!

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