Well by now you know the morning routine. Pot of coffee. Can I make my own bacon coffee? I know they sell it but can I make it? That idea will go on the back burner for now.

After running a few errands I broke out the cast iron skillet. Cooked up about 2 lbs of bacon. Man there is a lot of grease to trash! I already have two pints and don’t think I need to save anymore.

I cut off two one pound hunks of the slab bacon last night and let them marinate with the Jamaican Jerk.  Last year I had dehydrated and ground up some habanero and ghost peppers. If you have never tried to save pepper this way be extremely carefully with the ghost peppers. After opening the spice grinder I had to walk outside to catch my breather. That stuff is powerful.

One of the slab hunks I was going to dust with some of the habanero powder but guess I used it all on a batch of kimchi. So dusted with the ghost pepper powder. That will kick that Jerk Seasoning up a notch or two.

Threw both of the slabs on the Traeger with a 1 1/2 pounds of the thick sliced SmithField Bacon. Four slices I left plain, 4 dusted with the Cajun Spice Mix, 4 with ghost pepper and 4 with Berbere. Berbere is an Ethiopian spice. I remembered loving the spice flavor from a restaurant in St. Louis and thought I would try and make some at home.


Well the cajun was good just like when I put it on the slab of bacon. The berbere bacon was just ok…won’t do that again. Just not that special. When I first started chewing the ghost pepper bacon I thought it needed more dusting. Then it started to build and by the time I finished the piece it was getting really interesting! Not spicy enough for some, way to spicy for most and just right for me.

I munched on the thin-sliced skillet cooked bacon throughout the day, ate all of the thick sliced bacon for dinner. The two slabs I will save for tomorrow.


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