Well it is the end of the work week! Last day of this week trying to find bacon. Started off 20171016192107_IMG_0375with a Starbuck’s Venti dark roast. No bacon until my 4 1/2 drive home so had to break into the emergency supplies again. For lunch I had the Oscar Mayer Fully cooked bacon.

This was difficult to find in the grocery store this time. Usually when I can find it it is with all of the other bacon in a refrigerated display. The Stop and Shop I was in had it on a display in the deli section….not refrigerated.

Snacking of the way home dipped into the Oberto Bacon Jerky.20171026223012_IMG_0454

I wasn’t home long so there was no time to cook so another box of Oscar Mayer.

Looking forward to tomorrow! I will have time to cook lots of bacon and all of the windshield to gave me some ideas. Stay tuned!

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