OMG! I think I just found a new favorite…more on that later.

It was replenishment day. Headed out to Restaurant Depot and loaded up. About 24 pounds worth. Found some Beef Bacon to try out as well.





Also picked up this Jamaican Jerk Seasoning.

20171025115346_IMG_0447I cut two hunks of a big slab of bacon. Weighed out to 14 and 15oz. One pieces was marinated in the Jamaican Jerk Seasoning and the other plain. Tossed them both on the Traeger.



The Jamaican Bacon I had for lunch. This is my new favorite. The Jerk and bacon flavors really enhance each other. I will look for a spicier Jerk seasoning next time but this really hit the spot! The other piece I cut up and put in a traveling container to eat for dinner at the hotel.

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