Today was experiment day with a new gadget. Nostalgia Bacon Express. A friend on Facebook asked me if I had tried this to make a substitute for a tortilla for a taco. What would you call that? Bacon tortilla?


I will have a full review on the new Product Review page.

After playing around with this for what seemed like hours…I gave up. Couldn’t get the bacon down to where I like it.

I will have to find another use for this item. Maybe a door stop, mattress warmer or a charitable donation. I know! A gag gift to someone I don’t like.

I did eat all of the bacon coming off this contraption but also cooked up some thin sliced bacon in the oven. About 16 slices. To full from eating my mistakes though. Get to save the better stuff for later.

Finished the day off with a one pound slab of bacon with cajun spices. I don’t remember the mix 0f spices. I had some left over from the fromage de tête I made a few months ago.

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