Traveling again and no free breakfast in the hotel and I didn’t want to break in to my emergency supply just yet. So I fasted until dinner. Cut a one pound chunk off the slab and decided to put a Cajun rub on it. I don’t have the recipe for the rub. It was left over from when I made fromage de tête a couple of months ago.

Also trying this Smithfield Bacon. It is Cherry Wood smoked and thick cut in a 24oz package.


I really like grilling the thick cut bacon and the slab on the Traeger Grill. Clean up is much easier.



So I ate all of the Smithfield bacon. You really don’t notice any of the cherry wood flavoring. It is a milder smoke. Nothing like the punch of hickory.  Sampled just a bit of the Cajun spiced slab of bacon. There was no one around to video my happy dance. Saving this for dinner tomorrow. So for the day just had the Smithfield Bacon.

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