Free BACON again in South Portland, ME at the Fairfield Inn. Overcame my anxiety about eating just bacon in front of a lot of people. Progress. Hotel bacon is of the thinnest variety, no hickory or maple flavor. Guessing I had about 4-5 oz.

Went to a Market Basket in Portsmouth, NE to look for cooked bacon. Struck out again.  But they did have some of this Hormel Black Label Bacon (@BlackLabelBacon) that is microwave ready. Lucky my hotel had a microwave.


Easy instructions.


But it did say the times were for a 850 watt microwave. Not sure the wattage was on the GE so I had to look it up on the internet. This model was only 700 watts. Time to experiment.

The product comes in these plastic bags with 4 pieces of bacon.


I set the timer for 3 minutes but added an additional 30 secs.


Then I went 4 minutes. The center, where the middle of the turntable is cooks last.


Next 4 ½ minutes. Now it is nice and crispy.


The bags really inflate when they warm up. I thought they may pop so I stood to the side peaking in. As soon as you open the door the deflate rapidly. The absorbent pad inside does an excellent job of soaking up all of the grease. Not a drop spilled out. I will have to see if they have any other flavors. Great bacon in a pinch!

This wasn’t enough to fill me up so I had the Fully Cooked bacon and the ½ lb bacon I prepared yesterday. So total for the day was about 14-15 oz of cooked bacon.

7 days down 21 to go!

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