Well surprise! Started the day with a full pot of coffee. Some friends from California were in so I meet them around 11am for a late breakfast/early lunch at Friendly’s near the airport.


Bill and Ted are off on an excellent adventure.

I ordered two sides of bacon and two eggs over easy. Really didn’t want the eggs but again felt like I would look weird in a public place just eating bacon. Is there a medical term for this? So I cheated with two eggs today.

I had to leave for a few more days so I went home and I cooked up 1 ½ pounds of the Restaurant Depot thin bacon I had. Decided to try a different time and temperature. 375oF, checked at 12 minutes and the allowed it to go another 3 minutes. Almost perfect! The cooked weight of the first pounds was 6.2 ozs. The other half pound after cooking was 3.2 oz.

I ate the 6.2 ozs and hit the road. Haven’t been hungry since. Stopped at a supermarket to load up on some fully cooked bacon. They didn’t have any! Tomorrow may be challenge but I have a few ideas.


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