Traveling and staying on this bacon experiment may be a little more challenging than I thought. Couldn’t get my full pot of coffee in this morning but at least a half of one. As you know I usually don’t eat breakfast but Holiday Inn Express has free bacon in the morning and this hotel in Brooklyn was no exception. I loaded up a plate and took it back to my room. Maybe I will get over being self-conscious about just eating breakfast in front of a whole lobby of people. Would you give a person a second look if they just had a big plate of bacon in front of them? I didn’t bring my scale to check the weight but by the number of pieces and the extreme thinness I am going to guess about 4-5 ozs.

On my way to a 1 o’clock appoint I had another pack of the Fully Cooked Bacon for Stop and Shop.


Then didn’t eat again until I was home for the day but had to rush out so I ate another box of the Fully cooked Bacon but this time I zapped in the microwave for 20 secs. To be honest I liked it cold better. But I am one of those guys that liked the cold pizza in the morning too.

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