No cooking today because I am traveling. Normal pot of coffee for breakfast and then hit the road. Lunch was the thick sliced bacon I prepared yesterday.

I picked up some fully cooked bacon from Stop and Shop. Both brands have instructions for heating by microwave and/or in a skillet. Since the hotel didn’t have a microwave I ate it cold.

This Fully Cooked Sliced Bacon store brand was pretty good with a nice hint of hickory. Of course it wasn’t crispy but still good in a pinch for $3.99.

The Oscar Mayer Fully Cooked Bacon was labeled as thick cut but comparing the weights of the two brands and the number of pieces in the box it wasn’t that much thicker. It also seemed a little greasier. Price was a little more at $4.99. I did prefer the Stop and Shop brand over the Oscar Mayer brand.

So totals for the day I consumed about 17.4 oz of cooked bacon today. It is amazing how filling it is.

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