Today I thought it best to prepare all of my bacon for the day in the morning. Started with one pound of the thin sliced bacon from Restaurant Depot.  Then 1.5 pounds of thick slice from Walmart and finally on pound from the big slab of bacon.20171015100225_IMG_0366-001

Cooked the thin sliced bacon in the oven on parchment paper final cooked weight was 0.029 pounds. This is less than yesterday.

The thick sliced bacon and hunk from the slab I decided to try on my Traeger grill at 325oF.

Cooked weight of the thick sliced bacon .68 pounds and the slab was 0.838 pounds. Time permitting, this grilling method I like better. Clean up was non-existent.

I ate the pound (or 0.29 pounds) for breakfast and wasn’t hungry again until dinner when I sliced up the slab with some sriracha. I don’t have enough to last me through tomorrow. It will be a challenge as I am traveling all day.

Decided to check my blood sugar and ketones tonight.  Glucose 94 mg/dL and ketones 1.5mmol/L.

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