Well it happened…set the smoke alarm off this morning. Took my eye off the oven for a while and the batch of bacon on the bottom rack was burnt. The bacon police were called and I was given a citation for abusing good bacon.



Started cooking a batch of sliced bacon and cut a one pound piece off a slab that I bought at the Restaurant Depot. Just love the Cutco knives my niece Rebekah sold me. Cut through the rind like butter.

The slab starting weight was 1.05 pounds and the finished weight was 0.81 pounds. Not a bad yield. Sliced it up to take with me in the cooler because I had things to do. This was really great meal with a little Sriracha. The rind was uneatable. Need to work on that next time.


I wanted to take my blood pressure on Day 1 but the batteries in my blood pressure cuff were dead. I have 36 AA batteries in the house but not one AAA. The trip to the Red Cross to donate blood solved that problem. 128/86. Not bad. I hope whoever gets that unit of blood enjoys the ketones and yummy bacon in the plasma.

Dinner was another pound of the sliced bacon. Starting weight was one pound but the finished weight was only 0.37 pounds! Not much of a dinner.

Now it is time to enjoy a Gurkha Warlord cigar and contemplate the bacon cooking methods for tomorrow.  Good night all!

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