Day 16 #crispybacon #berberebacon #ghostpepperbacon

Well by now you know the morning routine. Pot of coffee. Can I make my own bacon coffee? I know they sell it but can I make it? That idea will go on the back burner for now. After running a few errands I broke out the cast iron skillet. Cooked up about 2 lbsContinue reading “Day 16 #crispybacon #berberebacon #ghostpepperbacon”

Day 12 #bacon #countryfarmhousebacon

Another basic day. I purchased the Country Farmhouse bacon in New Hampshire. It has been the least expensive bacon I have found at a supermarket. $2.50/pound. The package states they are “irregular slices” but looked pretty good to me. Very meaty too! Cooked this up for breakfast/lunch and ate it all in one sitting. DinnerContinue reading “Day 12 #bacon #countryfarmhousebacon”

Day 10 #bacon #meatglue

Meat Glue. Today was the day to experiment with meat glue. What is it? Transglutaminase (TG or TGase), better known to chefs as “Meat Glue,” has the amazing ability to bond protein-containing foods together. Raw meats bound with TG are often strong enough to be handled as if they were whole uncut muscles. There are plentyContinue reading “Day 10 #bacon #meatglue”